Best Road Trips of Europe

Although road trips might be a typically American tradition, there are many spectacular and utterly breath-taking routes in Europe that are well worth a long drive around.

Atlantic Road – Norway

The Atlantic Road in Norway is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Europe, offering a memorable journey with the most spectacular views. The Atlantic Road measures an incredible 8,274 metres from one end to the other, and connects the mainland to the island of Averoy with a total of eight bridges. Regardless of the fact that the bridge has become one of the most popular roads in Europe, there’s no cost to travel along it. If you’re an adventure seeker and you appreciate nature beauty as well as the mechanical thrill of driving, the Atlantic Road should definitely be incorporated into your road trip!

Route Napoleon – France

The Route Napoleon is an incredibly historic route that is situated in rural France, offering tourists exceptionally scenic views since it opened to the public in 1932. Route Napoleon begins in Grasse and continues to Grenoble, measuring over 90 miles in distance, so as you can imagine, this route has a lot to offer its tourists! It is hard to believe that the remarkable route through mountain passes was not solely designed to appreciate the performance of any car at its best. There are lots of perfect opportunities to take photos of Route Napoleon and its breath-taking scenery and overall, it really does make an unforgettable trip.

La Route des Grandes Alpes – France

La Route des Grandes Alpes is a remarkable road that was created in 1937 to guide tourists through the magnificent Alps of France, providing them with incredible aesthetics along the way, with views of the Alps and the beautiful Geneva Lake, of course! La Route des Grandes Alpes is fantastic journey, which is impossible to travel the length of in only one day. You would have to find accommodation in one of the various settlements throughout the trip, which are wonderfully peaceful and beautiful locations. La Route des Grandes Alpes is unquestionably on the list of the best road trips in Europe!

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