How To Book Theory Test And What To Expect?

Theory test can be booked from DVSA centers. It can be taken from anywhere, regardless of the residential address displayed on your driving license.

What documents are needed for booking theory test?

Necessary documents you need on hand are –

  • Provisional license
  • Credit/debit card for payment of test fee
  • Email address for test booking confirmation

All these are needed (compulsory) to book driving test theory.

There are two ways available for driving theory test booking.

  1. Telephone bookingMake a call to the DVSA automated phone line for booking (0300 200 1122). The times scheduled for booking theory test via telephone is between 8 am to 12 pm. In case, you experience any test booking issue contact DVSA customer service.
  1. Online bookingYou can visit DVSA online booking service to schedule your theory test using any kind of device including computer, tablet, or Smartphone. Moreover, an internet connection is necessary.

Information needed for telephone or online booking

  • Details related to both personal and driving license
  • Your preferred test centre
  • Your preferred date and time to schedule a driving test
  • Debit/credit card details

It takes just 10 minutes to book theory test. After booking the test check email for approval.

Some vital aspects

  • To change driving theory test date and time, it is necessary to notify the DVSA prior three working days.
  • A cancellation is allowed but you need to give a notice 3 days prior to claim full refund. If you cannot be able to provide the applicable notice then there will be no refund.
  • If you fail the theory test then there will be a waiting period of minimum 3 working days, prior re-scheduling another test.

What to expect?

Driving theory exam is simple and comparatively easy to pass for several candidates. There are some who make several attempts to get through. Candidates new to theory test may wonder what a theory test is and what to expect.

What is a driving theory test?

You will be seated before a computer monitor with touch screen or allowed to use a mouse to click answers. Prior the commencement of test, candidates will be give instructions on the screen related to how it works. You will also be given an option for practice session. This can be skipped, if you desire and move to real test.

Theory test includes two sections –

  1. Multiple choice questions

Sometimes a single question may require clicking on more than one answer. In case, you are unsure about a question then flag them and come back later to solve it. Pass mark for this section is 43/50 and the time limit is 57 minutes. You are provided 3 minutes break before continuing the hazard perception test.

  1. Hazard perception test

Demonstration video clip will be shown to get an idea of how this section works. A series of about 14 video clips are shown. Each video is of one minute and includes different scenarios of developing, actual, and potential hazards. To pass this section 44/75 is the minimum need.

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