If you are planning in investing in a car wash business, then one of the things you need to do is to understand the parties that you will need to work with to make the business a success. You will require the assistance of a number of professionals who will supply products to your business so that you can serve your customers. The following are some of the parties that need to be on your suppliers’ list.

  1. Equipment suppliers

These are the companies from which you will be purchasing all of the equipment that will be used in the car wash. Thus, it is imperative that you find a supplier who offers high quality products at just the right price.

Equipment suppliers are usually grouped into two types of suppliers. The first group consists of the primary suppliers from whom you will purchase the basic equipment for the car wash. Your primary supplier should be able to provide conceptual layouts when they come to inspect your car wash site. They should also be able to provide site specific layouts for the equipment so that you can have a better understanding of how the equipment will be laid out.

The second group is the secondary supplier, otherwise known as the specialty supplier. This supplier will provide specialty equipment that includes vacuum systems, water treatment systems, and soft starter panels.

It is important to point out that most car wash manufacturers double up as both primary and secondary/specialty car wash suppliers.

2.Engineering firm

You will also need to engage the services of a reputable engineering firm to carry out numerous tasks that include soil reports, site survey, as well as feasibility studies. Seek recommendations for an engineering firm from your car wash advisor.

3.General contractor

You will also require the services of a general contractor who will build the actual car wash after reviewing the recommendations from the primary supplier, architect, and engineering firm. Get a contractor who will give you an affordable price from the very beginning. This will help you manage financially if other costs appear down the line. You should also find someone who is experienced at building car washes, as well as knows the intricacies of underground chase ways, concrete pours, and reclaim tanks.


It is important to have an attorney that will review all the legal documents regarding your business, and its relationship to the suppliers, engineering firm, and equipment installer among others. The attorney will ensure that every contract and responsibilities stipulated therein are correct in the eyes of the law.

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